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We found out on July 7th that Fran has colon cancer. We're blessed to have so many people in our lives that care and want to support us, particularly during this challenge. As many of you know, Fran will have surgery July 31st so I have created this blog to keep everyone apprised of Fran’s healing journey. Please feel free to check back often and post any comments or questions. With all our family and friends – we felt this was the best way to communicate so we can focus on Fran’s healing and recovery. ~ Love, Theresa

Monday, August 10, 2009

Thoughts from Fran.....

August 10, 2009
"Do not protect yourself by a fence.. but rather by your friends"

When you first find out you have been diagnosed with cancer, you are so overwhelmed with emotion it is difficult to explain because you don't have the knowledge and there is so much unknown. We have spent the last couple of weeks educating ourselves about cancer and we're ready to take it on... It is hard to describe the inspirations each of you have given me and I am thankful for all your prayers, love and support. I'm extremely fortunate to have family and friends who are there to support me and Theresa.

I am building strength everyday and look forward to seeing and talking to each of you soon!
Love always... Fran

Hook em Horns............


  1. Hi Fran
    Sounds like you are making great progress. Keep up the good work. Hope to talk to you soon.

  2. Hi Fran,

    Glad to hear that you are doing better. Keep the faith and good thoughts going.



  3. 'Ya had to end it with Hook 'em Horns. Great. Now I'm diverted from all the NICE things I was going to say.....

    Speaking of support...it's our turn to return the support you've so generously have given us over the years. Keep the info coming!

    Debby and Wayne

  4. Fran,
    So happy to hear that you are doing well and are feeling better.
    Keep fighting the fight, as you have many fans in your corner cheering you on!

    You are in my thoughts and prayers daily!
    Megan Heazlett Braun

  5. Fran & Theresa,
    Sending love and prayers and hugs and am glad to know you are making good progress. I find your words very inspirational - thanks!

  6. Got completely caught up on all of your blog postings today and am thrilled by all of the good news. I will continue to keep both of you in my prayers.