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We found out on July 7th that Fran has colon cancer. We're blessed to have so many people in our lives that care and want to support us, particularly during this challenge. As many of you know, Fran will have surgery July 31st so I have created this blog to keep everyone apprised of Fran’s healing journey. Please feel free to check back often and post any comments or questions. With all our family and friends – we felt this was the best way to communicate so we can focus on Fran’s healing and recovery. ~ Love, Theresa

Sunday, August 2, 2009

August 2nd - Sunday

Family and friends,

Yesterday was a good day for Fran - the doctor came in and said the surgery went very well.
Dr. Kim was impressed by Fran's core strength...the doctor thought Fran must be doing hundreds of sit-ups each day! Doctor Kim said to Fran ... "you are in great shape" we got a BIG SMILE from Fran! I guess the golf has paid off.

Several big milestones that nurses and doctors look for have happened - Fran was up and walking within 12 hours of his surgery and was able to eat a few things.

Fran was touched by all the comments and calls... it means so much to him. Each of you special and meaningful in his life - he thanks you all.

With love, Theresa


  1. Hi Theresa
    So good to here that everything is going well.
    His core strength may be good but I do not think that it is from golfing!
    Give him our best.
    Florence amd Rick

  2. Hi, Theresa,

    Tell Fran he is in my thoughts and prayers and I am sooo glad the surgery went well!

  3. Theresa and Fran...I am thanking God that you included me in your Healing Journey Blog...I had no idea you were facing this! It was so great to reconnect with Fran a few weeks ago and to meet you Theresa! I can see that you are his angel...what a blessing! I will be on my knees praying for total complete healing and restoration when I am done posting this comment. I will pray for your peace and for the wisdom of the medical staff. I will pray for God to move the mountain and for the miracle of healing Fran deserves. Meanwhile....find rest in His arms and know that God loves you both!
    In His Grace - julie henrickson

  4. Theresa..I have been waiting anxiously for the surgery results..I feel like my prayers have been answered for the GREAT NEWS from the Dr..
    Have been thinking of you both daily and Fran and you are in my daily prayers... Love you both. Les

  5. That is great news Theresa, We are relieved but not surprised at how well Fran is doing. Perhaps your next challange is keeping Fran OFF the golf course later this week. Perhaps putting in the hallway is possible.

    We love y'all,

    Tim and Roy