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We found out on July 7th that Fran has colon cancer. We're blessed to have so many people in our lives that care and want to support us, particularly during this challenge. As many of you know, Fran will have surgery July 31st so I have created this blog to keep everyone apprised of Fran’s healing journey. Please feel free to check back often and post any comments or questions. With all our family and friends – we felt this was the best way to communicate so we can focus on Fran’s healing and recovery. ~ Love, Theresa

Monday, August 31, 2009

Chemo Cocktail Talk

As Dan Townes would say "Chernobyl Shooters"...Fran here with my able nurse Terry Roberts and my trusty dog "Chow-Lee" aka Charlie.
Today was our first day sitting amongst the Cancer crowd...what an experience...I was expecting beautiful lounge chairs...flat screened TV...juice bar...WiFi and maybe Wii...and possible some current newspapers or magazines...mind you these cocktails don't come cheap...low and behold none of the above, only 10 of Archie Bunkers faux Laz a Boy chairs to sit on with pillows that had sat on the laps of the last 20 patients...nothing but an 8 track Boom box...with a sign that said hold your phone call to a bare minimum...rather a bad start for a cocktail. party.
Needless to say.. we are on the lookout for a new Chemo Pub!

On a more serious note...I have weathered the first treatment and am wearing a two day chemo apparatus that I must wear for 46.5 hours. Why 46.5.. must be because of my short hair!
Picture wearing something that looks like a plastic pear with a life line that is attached to a "fuel" valve in your chest. Actually, it looks more like a "mine" that was floating in the open sea to blow up battleships!

Feeling a few of the side effects this evening but for the most part... I feel good!
Again, thank you all for your continued support, love and prayers! We are blessed beyond words with great friends and family!
With love, Theresa and Fran

Thursday, August 20, 2009

Greetings from Fran

Dear Friends and family...

Well it must be different to hear from me rather than my lovely wife...first of all I have to tell you that Theresa has been "a ROCK"...I can't tell you the emotions that overcame to me when I thought of going through this without her...She is my "LOTTO WIN"...
These past 3 weeks have been full of new discovery's:
  • Self Pity...I am not the first nor the last to ever get cancer but I can be the voice to help those that, too have been stricken.
  • Attitude...knowing that you have so many people that really do care...and their love and prayers...keep you in the game and continually fighting to be better...not just in your health but in your life.
  • Emotion...each person has a different emotion when they learn of the cancer...mine has been one of guilt and it is simply that "why have I allowed this to change the lives of so many people around you and the sorrow you have for doing such to them"... I battle this daily and no matter what is said you will still find yourself wondering why.
  • Courage...It is very easy to have courage when you go to battle and you know there are so many people behind you...for this I thank you and will always be thankful to all of you the rest of my life...
  • Life...For me I never looked at death as being anything to be afraid of...but today I fear not death but the loss of those around you...I can not face the pain of not being able to see my friends again...spending my waking hours without Theresa...the loss I would leave with my brothers, sisters and relatives...I promise each of you...each day I am here I will appreciate each of you more than I did yesterday.
  • Health...I can only say this...all we have is our health and we are all in control of it...if you aren't getting physicals or you are abusing your body...think twice before it is too late...I got lucky...don't put yourself in that position by ignoring your health.

I have said enough...but do want each of you to know that over the next 6 months I will be going through Chemotherapy...not because I want to but because I need to in order to insure that my cancer will be in remission...I am ready to do it...and will be back in action at work...Please be happy for me as I know I will be rid of this stuff soon!

I have so many people to be grateful but there are three guys that have been so awesome during these past 6 weeks...Barry Dyas of J.Charles...Jim Fitzgerald of Quarry International...Stuart Newcomb of Etching Wine and Spirits...they have given me so much support professionally and personally as to put my business down and to take this journey without any work related stress...Thank you so very much...and i would be remiss to not say a big "Thank You" to Victor Macchia for taking on all my duties in my absence.

As the days move forward I will reach out to all of you in a personal manner... for each one of you have been "a guiding light".

Thank you all for every word, prayer, and most of all ...your love!


(my new name Fran semicolon Ford"

Monday, August 17, 2009

You have to go through the storm to see the rainbow!!

Fran is doing very well and continues to do the things necessary to regain his full strength. I think he’s put on a few pounds so I guess my cooking is not that bad after all! Thanks for the continued outreach of prayers and well wishes. We appreciate the sharing of information, anything that has helped someone else in their journey and fight against cancer. It's great to have the support! Thank-you all....

Have a great week…Theresa and Fran

Monday, August 10, 2009

Thoughts from Fran.....

August 10, 2009
"Do not protect yourself by a fence.. but rather by your friends"

When you first find out you have been diagnosed with cancer, you are so overwhelmed with emotion it is difficult to explain because you don't have the knowledge and there is so much unknown. We have spent the last couple of weeks educating ourselves about cancer and we're ready to take it on... It is hard to describe the inspirations each of you have given me and I am thankful for all your prayers, love and support. I'm extremely fortunate to have family and friends who are there to support me and Theresa.

I am building strength everyday and look forward to seeing and talking to each of you soon!
Love always... Fran

Hook em Horns............

Thursday, August 6, 2009

Thursday.. August 6th

Fran's feeling better with each new day and his attitude very positive! We all know what a strong person Fran is and he is determined to conquer! Although each day gets better - it will take time to regain full strength due to the surgery and weight loss. I'm working on "fattening" him up!

Thanks for all the positive notes and comments.. it is heart warming and much appreciated!
We are so lucky to have such wonderful family and friends. Thank-you all!

Love, Theresa

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Tuesday evening.... we're home!

Fran is getting stronger everyday.. the doctor felt he was well enough to come home where he can get more rest and relaxation than in the hospital! We all know how difficult it is in the hospital to get any peace..

And... here at home we have "ChowLee", our dog!

I'm doing my best to keep that Blackberry away from him! Thank-you all for calling me, commenting on the blog and allowing Fran to continue to recover from his surgery.

With love... Theresa

PS... 2o plus SAAC shows Fran has attended, for all of you there this week, have a drink and some fun for him! All the best.....

Monday, August 3, 2009

Monday afternoon - Day 3

Fran is getting stronger everyday and we are so Thankful for all the prayers and positive energy coming our way! Attitude is everything and Fran has continued to be so positive! The Dr. is very happy with Fran's progress and is allowing Fran to have some solid food today! A welcome sign... Fran does not want to see jello for a long time.

Please remember to keep Fran and others in your prayers that you know are battling cancer or are cancer survivors. Also, the medical personnel.. it has become so clear to me that these are very special people and as I walk the halls, I see the care and compassion these nurses and doctors have in dealing with cancer patients every day of their lives. I have truly been touched by the care Fran has received by each and every nurse and doctor that has been a part of his treatment.

Thanks for all the comments - we are touched and blessed to have such wonderful caring family and friends!

With love....